Do you love watching videos?

Internet one of the most sophisticated yet simplified byproducts of technology that came into existence about approximately three decades ago; has a great influence on our everyday undertaking. Search engines, social networking sites, sites which enable us to watch independently uploaded clips or the movies, songs, episodes, etc. Education, entertainment, sports, the DIYs, the recipes, etc all on a single site accessible 27/7on the go. Again some are paid and some are non paid ones giving a broader choice for anyone seeking information.

The bond between YouTube and the internet makes possible to watch videos for free

Apart from seeking knowledge, entertainment is yet another aspect which has reached a completely new level where everything can be seen on the go. This is because internet has gone mobile making possible to watch whatever you wish to see on your very cell phones. Right from the over of cricket that you missed to the trailer of that new cinema to the latest of the ads. Music videos of your favorite artist, interview of celebrities, chat shows, those episodes that you missed of your favorite soap, all made available and easily accessible if you have internet connectivity on your PC, phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

Laughing out loud watching the comedy show or clips or acts and limitlessly of course as technology can be accessed free of cost. Gaming, entertainment, education, and what not can be seen on the Google owned video site? Budding artists can upload their talent for free which if hit and seen by millions can help break records making them famous instantaneously. So not just watching your favorite stuff by downloading it but, also uploading your very own video is made possible and for free. In fact, on an average there are over a 100 million views the Google owned site ‘You Tube’ receives in just a single day. you can buy the Best Paper Airplane Ever here.

This Google subsidiary is believed to be the second largest search engine

What started as a video sharing, uploading and viewing site has now become the second largest search engine. It is believed that You Tube processes over 3 billion searches in a month. Being mobile friendly where the app can be easily downloaded on your smart phone; the ability to be shared with ease are the added features that makes it user friendly.

Though movies can be seen for free on this site; thee are certain terms of service that has to be agreed upon by the viewer when signing in t open an account. Such terms come into the picture when the content is either offensive, prohibited or the once having hate speech, etc. The viewers can flag any viewable material on the site. This option makes viewing materials like pornography, mature content graphic violence, illegal acts, racially and ethnically offensive, etc to be removed from the site.

So what are these Terms of Services exactly?

These are the list of things one needs to follow and abide by or agree upon to avoid sharing, uploading of contents or making offensive comments. It also states that if one fails to follow these terms, the site would not be held responsible for the same. The content along with its trademarks and copyrights are well covered by the Terms of Service. Restricted content though cannot be accessible to the site’s unregistered users but can be seen by the registered individuals who happen to be under the age of 13 or 18 respectively depending on the content shown.

The common lists of the don’ts on the site include posting of content that are sexually explicit or have gratuitous violence depicted in them. Content with hate speeches or dead bodies, revealing of any personal information, etc and if these terms are violated your account stands the chance of being disabled.

But, viewer friendly content like music, movies, episodes of serials, etc can be seen any number of times and for free. What more? You can now convert your favorite videos in to audio files and download them for free. This makes it easier to listen to your favorite music on the move – at any time and at any place. You may read more here! Grab all the information and begin to download for free now – without any questions.