Things You Can Do Before Calling A Lawyer

When you encounter a car accident, it is followed by a state of confusion wherein, you need to get a number of things straight. Getting yourself a lawyer for car accident injury is one of the most important things you can think of. However, before appointing a lawyer for car accident injury, you can help yourself in certain ways. Following are the things you should do after a car accident.


lawyer for car accident

  1. Get to know about the witnesses

When there is a car accident, both the people who have had the accident try to defend their own side. It happens very rarely that someone outright admits his/her fault and pays the cost involved. This is when the eye witness of the accident is considered as the most credible person. Soon after the accident, if you are physically able enough to pick yourself, make it a point to enquire people who are present there. Also, collect their name and contact number so that if you need them later, you’d readily be able to reach them. This especially helps a lot when you are completely sure that you weren’t at fault for the accident.

  1. Take pictures of the damage

Insurance companies try their best to make any kind of excuse to escape compensating much. They’d want to compensate the least amount of money and get away with it by saying “the damage doesn’t seem too severe”. This is where the pictures can help you convey how severe the impact of the accident actually had been. Whether it is your car, your own personal injury, like bleeding parts of your body, or even your laptop and any property, don’t hesitate to take pictures.

  1. Go to a doctor as soon as you can

Avoiding going to the hospital will do you no good. If you skip rushing to the hospital, the insurance company will see it as not-so-severe injury and give you lesser settlement. It is common sense that if you had experienced pain, you’d rush to the hospital, and if not, you simply won’t go to the hospital. Even if you don’t have a health insurance, you can go to the emergency room. Any checkup costs or medical costs should be compensated by your auto insurance.

  1. Get to know how much repair would cost

After the accident, most insurance companies would recommend you a repair center to get your car repaired. However, these centers might replace your car parts with the used ones that are of low quality. You can get your car repaired at the repair center of your choice. This is why you should get to know the estimate for your car repair without relying on the insurance company.

  1. Assimilate all the documents

It would be incredibly helpful for you to assimilate all the needed documents when you call the lawyer. You need to have certain information, like address of the place where the accident took place, your hospital address and bills, and any dates related to the accident so that you can get the case evaluated quicker.