Most Expensive Software In The World

We all know too well that computer hardware come in different price ranges for clear reasons. Right from the kind of material that goes into the making; to the complex chips that are used; we know the deal pretty well. However, when it comes to software, it is not very obvious to the layman what makes them cheap, reasonable, or expensive. The cost of software is decided by LOC. LOC means the line of codes. The more complex the codes are, the more expensive the software is. Here’s a list of the most expensive software in the world.

    Public Administration Software

  1. CryEngine 3

CryEngine was launched by MindArk in the year of 2003. CryEngine 3 is the latest version of the game. When you play this game, you assume the role of the 1st person and go around shooting. This software was first launched on Microsoft Windows. However, now you can find different versions that work on Android, Xbox, PlayStation 4, etc. this software costs about $1.2 Million.

  1. New World Systems Public Administration Software

New World Systems Public Administration Software was created for governmental purpose. It manages a whole branch of the local government. It was developed by Judith Miller who had invested about five hundred thousand dollars into the making of this software. Right from the financial management to business analytics, this software takes care of a lot of things pertaining to a city. It costs $500,000.

  1. Renderware SDK

This software was developed by Criterion Software and is used for designing video games. You can imagine how heavy video games are in themselves. When you think about it, you can estimate how complex the process of development of this software would have been. And that exactly makes it worth $240,000.

  1. Source Engine

Source Engine was developed by Valve Corporation. The developer has used C++ in developing this software. It is also one of the software used for creating games. Some of the popular games created using this software are Counter Strike, Half-life ½, etc. The price of this software is $200,000.

  1. VxWorks

VxWorks is an operating system developed by Wind River Systems that works real time. For that matter, VxWorks is the costliest real time operating system. The programming languages, like C, C++, Ada, and Java have been used to develop this operating system. What actually make this software expensive are its exclusive features, like round robin scheduling and error handling framework. The cost of this software is about $190,000.

  1. Softimage Face Robot

Owned by Autodesk, Softimage Face Robot is a 3D graphic designing application. It is used for designing animation for the video games. Advertising industries mostly use this software to design characters and create effects. The price of this software is $90,000.

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