Jay Sekulow’s Contributions towards Safeguarding People’s Rights

Freedom and rights are equal for every human being irrespective of sex, caste, creed, religion, or any other criteria. However, we witness it very often that people are denied of their freedom and rights. This calls for help; and this is when attorneys who dedicate themselves to safeguarding people’s rights come to rescue. Jay Sekulow has been a dedicated advocate who has been primarily fighting for people’s constitutional and religion freedom and rights.

timeline of Jay Sekulow’s

Jay Sekulow has argued before the US Supreme Court for a total of 12 times. All of his arguments aimed at getting people the rights and liberties that they deserve. Whether it is freedom of speech, access to public properties, religious freedom, or freedom to participate in public process for young people, Jay Sekulow has had an extensive experience in voicing on behalf of people. Here’s a timeline of Jay Sekulow’s notable and successful Supreme Court cases.

  1. 1987- Board of Airport Commissioners VS Jews for Jesus

In 1987, Jay Sekulow stood on behalf of Jews for Jesus and raised his voice, opposing the ban on “First amendment activities” as stated in the LAX policies. He argued that this policy of LAX would take away the right to freedom of speech from the people of the organization. As a result, the judgment was passed in favor of the Jews for Jesus.

  1. 1990- Board of Education of Westside Community VS Mergens

In 1990, Jay Sekulow argued on behalf of Bridget Mergens and a group of other students. The group of students wanted to form a Christian Bible Club at their school, which was denied. Sekulow had argued that the school was violating the freedom of speech rights by not letting the groups of students deliver their speech, just because of the religious content of their speech.

  1. 1992- Lee VS ISKON

Jay Sekulow represented ISKON- a religious group that wanted to distribute religious literature at the airport terminal. However, as they were not allowed to do so, Sekulow voiced against the prohibition by asserting that the prohibition was violating people’s freedom to speech and Exercise Clauses of the Constitution. The Supreme Court was in agreement with the legal team.

  1. 1993- Alexandria Women’s Health Clinic VS Jayne Bray

In 1993, a group of pro- life activists conducted demonstrations in front of abortion clinics. As Alexandria Women’s Health Clinic stated that these activists were outlawing class based discriminations, the activists were arrested. However, Sekulow represented Jayne Bray, which was a part of the group of activists. As the majority agreed that opposing abortion does not mean discriminating women, the Supreme Court passed judgment in favor of the activists. This case was not just the victory of the activists, but also stood as an example for the freedom of speech of people.