How To Take Care of Your Tools?

If you are an electrician, plumber, carpenter and anybody else who works with tools, you need to take proper care of your tools to make them work perfectly and elongate their lifetime. If you take good care of them, they will return the favor. Keeping them in a proper storage place, cleaning and maintaining them from time to time are more like worshipping your God to help you perform better. The first step is to buy a good tool bag and you can check out the reviews on ToolsDuty to select the best one.

different tool bags

Cleaning – It is better to clean the tools after every day’s use. It does not take long to clean them even though you may be tired after a day’s work. The time spent on cleaning the tool is equivalent to time-saving in repairing them.

For hand tools, give them a good wash in soapy water if they are very dirty. Then do a proper drying in the sun. You can also wipe with a rag. From time to time, you can put on some oil on the tools and keep them like that for a few days when you are not working. Later on, you can wipe off the extra oil with a soft absorbing cloth.

For garden tools, you can have a bucket full of sand and add some oil to the sand. Then after every day’s work, keep them in the bucket and this will make sure that all the dirt gets cleaned and the tools are oiled properly for a longer durability. The use of linseed oil is more preferable.

For power tools, you need to be careful and you can use an air compressor to remove the dust on it. You can also lubricate any moving part the tools have. You can use machine oil which is quite cheap and makes sure you dry them off completely before using them. You can find different tool bags for each type of tools on ToolsDuty along with their reviews.

Maintenance – As far as the maintenance goes, you have to always inspect the tools before using them. Any loose or cracked part must be repaired immediately before it becomes completely out of service and in certain cases, it can cause accidents. If there is a splintered handle, you can sand it down for the time being. If any tool has got deformed like the formation of a mushroom head, the tool can shatter on pressure and impact. Keep them in proper shape and sharpen them from time to time to make them work perfectly. You should also prevent them from rust and corrosion when they are not being used. For the power tools, watch out of exposed wires.