Dr. Brown’s Bottle For Your Baby

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The Dr. Brown’s Bottle

American doctor Craig Brown’s was the designer of Dr Browns Fles bottles that are advised by doctors worldwide. Dr. Brown’s bottles were the only bottle with a patented valve system that contributes to the health of babies and it is used widely in childcare centers and maternity wards. The operation of the valve system has been scientifically proven. Dr. Browns has already won several prizes for Medical Design Excellence Award and AMBY Award not less than six years in a row. AMBY Award is an American award for the best product for babies.

Dr Browns Fles bottles

The Dr. Brown bottle Effect

The unique valve system is what makes Dr. Brown’s bottle different and unique from other baby bottles. The effect has been scientifically proven, but what can this bottle do?

  1. The valve system prevents vacuum forming and air bubbles. The air can enter through the teat ring but it can’t enter into the food that makes the baby less suffer colic and helps prevent peasants and vomiting.
  2. The air is directed to space above the feed through this valve system and nutrients like vitamin A, C, and E are retained.
  3. The valve system prevents the air bubbles in the food, development of negative vacuum, and prevents the vacuum from sucking the teat.
  4. The positive pressure is created that is compared to breastfeeding. Stimulating the teat is enough for your baby not to suck hard on the teat that helps prevent ear pain and prevents accumulation of moisture in the ears.

Dr. Brown’s Teethers And Pacifiers

The pacifier from Dr. Brown has a suction-free air channel that there is less suction needed for it and reduce the pressure on the palate. Due to the suction movements, the soft and convex ends become wider. Dental problems such as crossbite can be prevented by reducing the pressure in the mouth. The thin design of the Dr. Brown teat is hardly damaging to the baby’s mouth. There are three sizes that have been developed in the pacifier:

  1. Step 1 – this is a small size for newborn babies from 0-6 months
  2. Step 2 – from 6-12 months, a medium format for the mouth in the growth
  3. Step 3 – a big size for a more developed mouth of the baby, 12+

Teethers soften the painful gums, teeth, and molars that will come through of the baby and it has been developed by a pediatric dentist. Teether massages the gums and relieves pressure on the gums because it reaches all areas of the mouth. Just keep them in the refrigerator or in the freezer.

The Gift Sets

Take a look at the various gift sets in the webshop if you practical and fun baby shower. Gift sets with bottles are available in a pink or blue variant and in different price ranges.