A Beginner’s Guide to Expired Domain Auctions

Buying expired domain names are beneficial for many people. Actually, experts prefer it because of the many advantages, all to increase page ranking by exploiting existing traffic. If you are thinking of buying an expired domain, you have to know that there are different methods to secure it.

securing an expired domain

Before securing an expired domain, you need to know what is the type of the specific domain. The different types of domain include pre-release, closeout, on hold, redemption, dropping and deleted. Each domain types have different acquisition methods. If in this case, you want to secure pre-release domain, you have to know about auctions.

Pre-release domain refers to an expired domain, which is sold by the registrar in open auction. You know the rules of the auction: the highest bidder wins. To help you get started, here’s how to secure expired domains at auctions:

•Look through auction websites: The first thing that you should do is to visit an auction website and search for the domains that you need. There are many auction websites that you can consider to buy expired domains like GoDaddy.com, eBay, sedo, afternic, Flippa and many more.

•Search for a niche: When you are on the auction website, the next thing that you should do is to search for your particular niche. Before deciding to buy an expired domain name, for sure you already know what niche you will work on. If in case you do not have a niche in mind, just go over the listings and find anything that catches your interest.

•Check the reason why domain was dropped: It is important that you know the reason why that particular domain was dropped. If it is banned for a legal reason, it is not a good investment. If Google banned it, it has no value to you because it won’t be ranked. Other reasons are acceptable.

•Place your bid: Now you are ready to place your bid. You can start by looking for tools that can help you compare sale prices.

•After bidding: If you win the bid, the seller will contact you to settle it. If you lose the bid, you won’t pay anything so you can keep on bidding on others.

•You can choose to negotiate with the owners: If you want to negotiate directly with the owners to talk about a good price, you only need to find their information. Do not worry you will find it in WHOIS records.

After securing it, you can start whatever you want to do with the domain. Always keep in mind your responsibilities as an owner like renewing your domain before its expiry.